The History Of Coffee In Canada

According to a handful of historians, coffee was introduced to Canada in the late 1500s, and ever since its introduction, a meaningful percentage of the Canadian population is not able to live without it.

Canada  photo

Yes, coffee is quite an addictive drink not just in Canada but everywhere else in the world as well. It is the go to drink every morning, before going to work, for millions of Canadians. Since it contains caffeine, this drink can wake-up any sleepy individual and set him/her in a good mood for the rest of the day.

One of the first coffee shops in Canada was built in Toronto in December of 1801. It was designed by William Cooper. He simply named it ‘Toronto’s Coffee House.’ Numerous of Canadian business men began to notice the popularity that this coffee house was having in the city and the big profits that it was making every day; therefore, more and more coffee houses began to be established in Toronto, Vancouver, and many other cities and towns as well.

Since the establishment of the first coffee shop, the number of coffee shops in this country has grown a lot, and for this reason, the cafe owners of Canada are very business savy. Everywhere you go in Canada you can rest assured that you will be able to find a coffee shop within just a few miles of your stay. It is one of the most well-known and visited type of shops in Canada.

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Starting a café?: Here are 5 things you should consider first!

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Many independent minded individuals would like to strike out on their own and start up a small business by themselves (or in partnership with friends or family members). Starting up a Café is a great idea because:

  • It usually doesn’t take much capital to start one
  • There’s no “rocket science” behind how they operate
  • And you can start one with as few as one or two employees (to begin with!)

But if you are planning to start a Café, know up front that turning it into a success will undoubtedly require hard work – especially at the start.

Here are 5 tips to help you make your venture into a success:


Know WHAT you want

Before you sink the first dime into your dream Café, know exactly WHAT the business will be about. This point alone has helped cafe entrepreneurs start successful for years (in fact, since the 1500’s when cafes begun emerging in Canada)

Will you just be serving a variety of teas, coffees and other brews? Will you have snacks and other treats? What will be the primary, secondary and tertiary menus? Are you planning to start a franchise, or do you want to go with a private label? These are questions that require answers long before you start planning the decor and opening ceremonies! Most of the other decisions that you take will revolve around this basic decision.

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Coffee connoisseurs: The top 10 rated wicked coffee spots in the world!

You wake up at the sound of the alarm each morning, wondering whether you should just turn off the alarm and crawl back into bed instead. You drag Coffee travel photoyourself to the kitchen, and brew yourself your favorite brew, and instantly your mood is transformed!

The very smell of the brew sends your senses into instant overdrive. And after you’ve had your first sip or four, you are ready to do battle with the world. But through it all, have you wondered where else in the world coffee is similarly adored and idolized?

Well if you do, then read on!

At Wicked Cafe, we know our coffee, no matter what part of the world! We have done extensive coffee travel, and here are our recommendations for a great cup. Even though Canada didn’t make it into the top 10 list (we have been making great coffee since the 1500’s) this list is based on certain coffee shops in the respective cities/regions:

The top 10 coffee drinking destinations in the world

(1) Melbourne, Australia: This bustling Australian city has often shared top honors with the rival city of Sydney on the south-east coast of Australia. But Melbourne almost always comes out on top with java lovers the world over. Whether you take your poison Black, Skinny or Soy, Melbourne’s Fitzroy area is the place to get the perfect fix. This preferred hipster hangout is famous for its skilful Baristas that can work caffeine magic with their espresso machines.

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Why you should use an air compressor to clean your cafe

Kitchen sinkI’m pretty sure my kitchen is like yours. The food gets stored here, cooked there, served over there. We’ve got the same equipment—pots, pans, mixers. And then there’s the cleaning equipment, which I’m sure is the same in all of our restaurants. Sinks, scouring pads, detergents, air compressor…

Wait, what?

Hang with me here.

Cleaning with an air compressor

Image courtesy of vectorolie at

I know that an air compressor isn’t exactly a typical piece of kitchen equipment, but it should be. First off, you need one anyway—you have to (or at least you should) clean the coils in your refrigerator and convection ovens on a regular basis, and the only tool for that job is compressed air. So you go out and rent a compressor, because it’s cheaper than buying a unit that you don’t need to use every day. That’s a fair point, but if you plan on being in business long enough, it will eventually cost you more to rent than to buy – so why not think like you do with your business (long term) and invest in the best air compressor money can buy.


But that’s still a long way off, and why think about how many years it will take for the investment to pay off when you have to make a budget today?

All right, let’s think about how an air compressor can make your life easier and save you money in the short term, and not just in the long term.

Saving MoneyFirst off, how much time do you spend dusting off counters, ovens, and equipment at the end of the day? If your kitchen is anything like mine, probably a lot. Think of all the man-hours it takes to have someone go around to every surface with a damp rag and wipe everything down. Now think about how much less time it would take to go through with an air compressor and blow the flour, dust, and other accumulated stuff onto the floor. It will still need to be swept up, but you were going to be sweeping anyway, and now the person who would have to go around and painstakingly wipe down everything can blow the dirt onto the floor, grab a broom, get everything swept up, and be freed up to do something else. That saves you money on cleaning and gives you the chance to make more money on production.

Or think about another one of the major expenses for any restaurant: water. How much do you spend on water to clean your dishes, just so you can put them in the dishwasher and use even more water? You can’t get around the dishwasher, but you can get around the pre-washing if you’ve got an air compressor. Just blow the leftovers off of the dishes and into your compost container and you’re ready to wash. Again, you’re saving time, and now you’re saving big money on your water bill.

All of a sudden, the air compressor is paying for itself a lot faster. And once it does pay for itself, you get to go from “how quickly will I recoup the money I spent on this thing?” to “how much more profitable is this thing going to make my business?”

How many coffee’s is too many coffee’s?

Let me ask you this: How Many Coffees is too Many Coffees (getting Through the Working Day)

Getting through the workday with coffee

If you’re working a 9 to 5 job as (As a finance broker comes to mind – which was my past line of work before the cafe), you’d know how hectic things can get. Some days can be so stressful, you wonder how you can keep going for the next few years until your mind and body simply give up.

At some point, we’ve all been there. We turn to our mistress, coffee, and think that consuming as many cups as possible somehow has a correlative effect on productivity. Sadly, too much caffeine only increases your heart rate and doesn’t do anything about your tired body and mind.

So, how do you keep yourself from going insane at work and punching a hole through your computer monitor?

Turn Your Routine into a Game

Listen, anything you can do to keep yourself entertained at work is fair game. Whether it’s counting the number of minutes you do something without screwing up, the number of minutes your co-worker scratches his head, or the number of times your boss micromanages you, you might as well poke fun at your work routine to save your sanity.

Put Up a Visual Reminder of your Goals

Whether it’s in your office or cubicle, it helps to have a visual reminder of where you want to be in life, of what the whole point of working is for. It can either be a picture of vacation destination, a poster, a doodle of your future self, or motivational quotes (if you’re that type) on post-it notes.
It’s the little things that often remind us of why we do the things we do, and why despite the daily grind, we keep moving forward.

Set Aside Some “You” Time

Although many of us are tempted to stay in and sleep all day on days off, it helps to set aside some alone time for leisure. Bring out the camera to take photos, read a book you’ve always wanted to, or talk to a friend—use your break time to get out of the office and do something to make you feel good and productive. And no, sleeping in doesn’t quite count.

Begin and End your Day with YOU in Mind

Don’t just start the day by getting up, taking a shower, and sipping your daily cup of brew. Take the time to think about what you can do for yourself throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complicated. A 10-minute meditation session should be enough get your day off on a good foot. Pause and think about what you want to achieve during the day, and end the day thinking if you met that goal, and if not, what you need to do to get there.

The bottom line? How you survive your days at work is often a matter of changing your mindset. Sometimes, all we need is to get away from the daily grind to gain a better perspective on our lives. So when you do feel yourself burning out, remember to take a breather if you can.

Coffee and Marketing

Increasing Café Business

As a café owner, I was always looking for new marketing techniques to help grow by business. When I started my business, I kind of knew how a café shop operated and was managed, but as time went on, I needed to increase my customer base and marketing. If you are thinking of opening your own café business, just know that it does not take much capital to start one, usually. If you want to open a small café, you can start with as little as two employees, but as your business grows, you may need to hire some more.

After a while of me running my café business, I was greeted by some great customers. One of the best group of customers I had was a group of people who started to show me some new marketing techniques to bring in new and more customers. coffee bar-401546_640

If my customers were looking for something specific, they advised me to start selling that product if it was something that I could easily do. If my customers were mostly “hipsters”, I would need to set up my shop to accommodate them. If I wanted my café to be directed towards all customer types, I would have to try my hardest to make that happen. They also advised me that I should keep adding something new. Every time something new is added to the business, I am creating an opportunity to gain sales. They were telling me that I should either add something new to my menu or do something as small as adding something new to my website. Anything new will draw in customers because they are going to want to see what the hype is all about. The reasoning for this is because it attracts new customers who may not be interested in any of my other products and it will give my business an opportunity for repeat sales from my current customers who may be interested in my new product. This group of people also told me to look for ways that I could be resourceful when it came to my future and current customers. They explained that I should give them some free information about my product and maybe hand out some free samples to draw them in. All of the stress from running my own business can wear a person out, so at night, I turn everything off, shut off my lights and get a good night of sleep so I can be ready for the next day and what my customers demand.

One of the big things they told me was important was to promote my end result. They advised that most of my customers don’t actually want my product, they just want the benefit. So, as a café owner, if my main product is coffee, my customers are going to want to feel energized after they drink my coffee. I should revamp my website to write customer reviews on so people know what the end result of my product is.


Coffee and Camping

Coffee is such an important part of the lives of millions of people. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to find that perfect blend to jump start your whole day. Canada has an interesting coffee history. Since the 1500’s, Canadians, approximately 65% of them, have depended on their coffee to get them through the day or just to give them a quick energy boost. Canada got their first coffee shop built in Toronto in 1801 and was designed by William Cooper. Since this time, coffee shops have multiplied in numbers and have been built in Toronto, Vancouver, and many other locations.


Coffee shops have become very popular in the past few years. People are always meeting there to have their afternoon pick-me-up, or having their morning java. Many people visit their local coffee shop often, especially if they have just moved into their residence and do not have their coffee pot unpacked yet.  If you happen to be camping and wake up uncomfortable and groggy from sleeping on the cold, hard ground, you are probably going to want to travel into town and locate a coffee shop. If you do not have coffee and are nowhere near a coffee shop, the solution is simple, buy an air mattress for camping. You can find plenty of camping air mattress reviews at Air mattresses are perfect for those who wake up sore and stiff from sleeping on the ground. There are an array of them to choose from that have a variety of price ranges. You can’t drink coffee laying on the ground, but you can drink it from an air mattress that comes with a headboard. These air mattresses are also great for a first apartment, someone who moves a lot or for someone who hasn’t unpacked their bed yet.


Coffee is a big part of society, especially for those who are always on the go or those who need a coffee before they have that big job presentation. No matter where you go, you are going to find a shop or a store that sells freshly made coffee.  If you look at, you can see what the best 21 coffee shops in Canada are. Maybe you want to visit all of them or you live near one of them and you want a coffee from one of the best shops in Canada. No matter where you live, you are going to find a coffee shop. There are some that serve fancy coffee and some that just keep it simple and serve one kind of coffee. Either way you look at it, there is a coffee shop for everyone. If you don’t like coffee, no problem. Coffee shops serve other beverages other than coffee but, if you are specifically looking for a nice, hot cup of delicious coffee, just search the internet for a coffee shop near you. Text or call a friend, walk or drive to the nearest one, sit down and have a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening.


Mind Enhancing Supplements To Increase Your Productivity At Work (Besides Caffeine!)


In the world, people do not have equal mind power. Some may have low mind power whereas others may have high mind power. This therefore calls for a strategy on how to enhance the mind especially for those with low powers. In addition, everyone experiences brain tiredness and thus need boost in order to continue performing or working. There are a number of supplements (visit which can be used in enhancing mind functionality. Mind enhancing supplements include:



Caffeine is a substance which is extracted from coffee and is the major component of the coffee bean. It can be made into a supplement which can be utilized in boosting alertness and concentration of the mind. Tiredness and drowsiness of the mind can be overcome by taking caffeine supplements. In addition, the supplement boosts mental strength. It is worth to note that caffeine is addictive. See also http: //




It is a substance which consists of a number of groups which are important in boosting alertness of the mind.

The phenyl molecule and other groups contained in Phenylpiracetam are essential in enhancing the mind once consumed.

This supplement increases one’s memory in addition it enhances capacity to learn. For instance children may have low power of the mind and using this supplement, the mind is boosted.


Huperzine A

It is a natural occurring substance found in a plant called club moss and can be made into a supplement for use in boosting mind function. The supplement can be used in enhancing memory and learning capabilities. The supplement is also good in reconstituting people with memory impairments. It also increases energy and alertness of the mind.


Choline Bitartrate

This is a brain supplement which is extracted from a number of foods such as fish, broccoli and peanuts. Some Choline Bitartrate is found in the body but it is not enough in performing its functions such as mind enhancement. When consumed, the supplement will end up in the brain and once in the brain it will help in improving mental capacity and also boosting learning abilities and memory. It also helps the mind to recall things very fast and effectively using less energy and effort. No much straining with Choline Bitartrate supplement.



It is one of the strongest mind supplements that are found in the market. It is a peptide compound which when consumed travels into the brain to perform a number of functions. The supplement plays a number of functions to the brain including memory improvement, concentration focus and learning capacity. It can also be used in treating other cognitive disorders and ailments thus enhancing mind functionality.



Omega-3-fatty acids supplements

Omega-3-fatty acids are found in fish and can be extracted and made into a supplement. Once consumed, omega 3 fatty acid gets into the brain where they function by improving the ability of the mind to focus and concentrate for long.



This is one of the most common supplements that have been in use for a long period of time in boosting mind function. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid and occurs naturally in animals and can be utilized in the manufacture of mind supplements. It increases attention span and improves memory.


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Cold Drip Coffee: All The Rave, Explained.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world and many individuals drink it on a regular basis, so as to wake them up in the morning and keep them energised throughout the day.

It’s the perfect drink to have for breakfast and after meals and has a way of focusing the mind and energising an individual.

New trends in coffee have been developing recently and one of the latest trends is that of the cold drip coffee.


This is a method which is becoming more and more popular and allows individuals the ability to try coffee that is chilled, but will this new form of chilled coffee catch on and will it be a popular item in a cafe?

It has not caught on in our Cafe just yet, but we have had plenty of requests. It’s certainly a new way to get your coffee hit: many coffee drinkers are still unaware that it exists!

As a cafe owner I need to make sure that my product will sell and I therefore will be taking a risk unless this coffee is as popular as people make out. Yes – it’s served in some of the best cafes around the world, but we need to make our own decision here at wicked cafe.

Below I have outlined several tips about this coffee that I wish to share with you.

1.The great thing about cool drip coffee is that it can highlight new flavours within coffee that you would not be able to experience from coffee that was otherwise heated up. This includes interesting nutty flavours and other flavours which are similar to chocolate. This is also a great selling point for the coffee and introduces individuals into a new world of flavours and tastes.

2.Many developers of cold drip coffee coffee are now combining it with other flavours such as coconut milk and Almond flavouring in order to make it more interesting. This opens up the possibilities of how you can enjoy this drink and therefore makes it a dynamic drink which can be used in many different ways.

3.Some companies are considering developing cold drip coffee into frozen treats such as ice lollies and ice creams which will be perfect for the hot summer months. Offering customers interesting things to eat and drink on a cafe menu is always a good idea so if an ingredient is more dynamic then this makes it more useful. The ability to freeze it and sell it as an ice lolly means that it has more use and can be sold in different ways.

Maybe we could use it in conjunction with a juicer?

4.This form of cold coffee has been popular in Japan since the 1600s and they have been drinking it on a regular basis for many hundreds of years. Only now is the rest of the world starting to realize the potential.

5.Cold drip coffee is refreshing is the perfect way for individuals who are traveling to festivals in the summertime and want something that will be refreshing and enjoyable, whilst being stimulating at the same time.

The trend of cold drip coffee is only beginning to develop in many parts of the world but it is now set to become more and more popular as individuals become used to it’s interesting and refreshing flavor. Maybe this drink is the next step in cafes that are looking for something new and interesting to sell.

You Should Be Using The BEST Water Softener In Your Cafe, Here’s Why….

Are you using a water softener system in your cafe operations? If not, you’re missing out, you could be seeing benefits in cost savings and better tasking coffee! Before reading this article you should start with learning these tips for starting a successful cafe…

If your unaware of what a water softener is, I am shocked, so find out here.

water softener photo

Photo by William Herron

Cafes really do need to use water softeners, before ours came we wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between hard or soft water, never mind the benefits.

Maintaining pipes and pumps is VERY expensive, as you know, and the work can sometime take hours as they trace the problem to its root. Usually it’s because the pipes and the appliances are clogged with limescale.

As a cafe owner, you need to stay on top of general building maintenance, especially the plumbing system; its fair to say that your pipes get a workout form sun-up, until sun-down!

When we started using water softening systems in our cafe, we quickly saw the benefits, mainly:

  • Savings in out energy bills
  • We where using less cleaning chemicals, coffee and other concentrates.
  • Great tasting water and coffee!

Now our customers are enjoying drinking coffees, teas, juices and water that tastes amazing- its hard to believe but there is a noticeable difference!

Im sure if you visited the 10 most popular cafes in the world, they would all have some time of water softener/filter installed.

That’s not all; the water softening system installed in the cafe has given us a better quality glass and silverware when we wash – no need to wipe down and polish out glassware anymore, this alone has saved us hours! Our mugs, plates and tea saucers look as though they’ve just come off the shelf after they’ve just been cleaned.

That’s not all. Thanks to the water softening system we use in the cafe, we now spend less on water plumbing maintenance bills for the system that treats our water. We can even sell our water over the counter in our own brand to make a bit more profit (although we have not done this yet, but its in the works!)

The people who installed the softening system were kind enough to give us what we needed; bottles for branding, they gave us the means to get it up and running.  Ordinary bottled water can often be prone to bacterial build-up, but our new water is purer, cleaner, and tastes much better. It also adds to the profits our cafe makes.

If you use regular tap water for coffee and espresso machines, dishwashers and any other water heating appliance, the lime-scale in the machines will build-up and the appliances will start performing worse, meaning higher maintenance costs eventually. That’s why you need to call out plumbers, and that’s why your businesses suffers! Replacement of coffee machines or your industrial dishwashers, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, is very expensive.

For the above reasons alone, installing a water softener system is a great investment for any cafe – yes you have to outlay the initial costs, but the savings over the next 5, 1o and even 20 years will far outweigh this! Treat this decision like you did when you bought your coffee machine, don’t skimp, invest in a quality machine and it will surely pay dividends. You can find water softeners at most large home depot stores, But be sure to read water softener reviews on this water-softener website to ensure you get the best water softeners (you may need more than one depending on how big you are) for your business.

Wicked cafe was the same – we had disruptions to our business, and had to replace several different machines, but now we use a softener system and its paid off big-time!

Let me tell you, letting our customers know we’ve been cooking using purified water was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After a bit of research into purified water, we learnt that many health conscious people drink and cook using purified water. This is because it limits our bodies’ exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and their by-products, heavy metals which accumulate in our bodies. The water softeners remove these problems, and the opinion of our customers saying this is a good thing is another benefit.

The water softening system we’ve got is installed in our cafe is in the coffee machine and we’ve even got a drinking fountain, and we’ve got a filter built into our taps in our kitchen.

So next time you have to call out a plumber for some reason, or next time you realise that your coffee machine lacks the grunt that it had when you first bought it, ask yourself:

“Is it time I invest in a water softener system?”

The Answer is YES!

limescale  photo

Photo by ☺ Lee J Haywood “limescale destruction”